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Past Volunteer Speakers


    We are grateful to our volunteer speakers for presenting on interesting and relevant topics.  Our past speakers include the following:

    August 2018

    Topic:  Leading Through Change Intelligently
    Speaker:  Jeanne Pritt, CEO, People Outcomes

    June 2018

    Topic:  Financial Wellness
    Speaker:  Tamika Williams, CE Smart Solutions

    May 2018

    Topic:  Worker’s compensation (Risk Management)
    Speaker:  Jay Roberts, JJ Wade & Associates

    April 2018

    Topic:  Cyber Security
    Speaker:  Jeff Gaura, The Network Team

    March 2018

    Topic:  Mental Health First Aid
    Speaker:  Kyla Barnes, Health Promotions Coordinator, Carolinas Healthcare System

    February 2018

    Topic:  The Current State of Economic Development in Union County, NC
    Speaker:  Chris Platé, Executive Director, Monroe-Union County Economic Development

    January 2018

    Topic:  Becoming A Person of Influence by John Maxwell
    Speaker:  DeAngelo Burse, President & CEO, Driven Life Consulting

    November 2017

    Topic:  Shaping & Influencing Organizational Culture
    Speaker:  Laura Hampton, VP Member Services, The Employers Association

    October 2017

    Topic:  Integrating Soft Skills Training In Your Workforce
    Speaker:  Julie Laytham and Wendi McCarn, South Piedmont Community College

    September 2017

    Topic:  Legal Updates
    Speaker:  Kevin Dalton, Fisher & Phillips

    August 2017

    Topic:  Talent Acquisition Panel
    Speakers:  Marc Hutto, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer, Reveal Global Intelligence, Preston Harris, Account Manager Commercial, Aerotek, Rhonda McFarland, Regional Director, Workforce Relations, Carolinas HealthCare System, Monica York, CEO and Founder, Matriarch INTEL

    June 2017

    Topic:  How Safety Can Help HR (and vice versa)
    Speaker:  Barton Jones, ASP, Safety & Health Council of NC

    May 2017

    Topic:  Mental Health at Work
    Speaker:  Jim Curtis, Carolinas Healthcare System

    April 2017

    Topic:  WIOA and NEXGEN: Encouraging and preparing youth to enter the workforce
    Speaker:  Michele Walker, Director of Employment & Training, Union County Community Action, Inc.

    March 2017

    Topic:  Too Busy to Plan.
    Speaker:  Mr. Tom Cooper, Bright Hill Group

    February 2017

    Topic: Social Media, the Internet, & other Electronic Communication Tools: What's an Employer to do?
    Speaker:  Stephanie Dillon, The Employers Association

    January 2017

    Topic:  Military Culture and Military Hiring - How to tap into it.
    Speaker:  John Falkenbury, President and COO for USO

    November 2016

    Topic:  HR as a Profit Center and Strategic Leader
    Speaker:  Patrick Mieritz, Gallup

    October 2016

    Topic:  The Compelling Business Rationale for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Diversity
    Speaker:  Stan C. Kimer, Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer

    September 2016

    Topic:  2016 Legal Update
    Speaker:  Kevin Dalton, Attorney, Fisher & Phillips

    August 2016

    Topic:  The Current State of Economic Development in Union County, NC
    Speaker:  Chris Platé, Executive Director, Monroe-Union County Economic Development

    June 2016

    Topic:  Betcha' Didn't Know: 10 common misconceptions of employers and employees
    Speaker:  Trisha Ridenour, PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager, The Employers Association

    May 2016

    Topic:  What's the Brain Got to Do With It: Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick
    Speaker:  Marcia Jackson, President, Training Resources

    April 2016

    Topic:  Creating a Culture of Engaged & Resilient Employees
    Speaker:  Dr. John Young (McLaughlin Young)

    March 2016

    Topic:  Don't Be Average: what it means and what it takes to be an Employer of Choice
    Speaker:  Wes Grigston and Jeff Ries (Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.)

    February 2016

    Topic:  Starting Your Employee (and You) on the Road to Financial Wellness!
    Speaker:  Shay Prosser, CEO, Perspecta

    January 2016

    Topic:  The Game Has Changed Forever
    Speaker:  James Holland, Millennium Investment & Retirement Advisors LLC