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UCHRA Meeting Registration Deadline and Cancellation Policy

    Meeting Registration Deadline

    We are contractually obligated to provide an accurate headcount of meeting participants to our service providers.  Therefore, event registration closes at noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.

    a.     Substitutions:  Fully paid members are allowed one per year. Registration “substitutions” are permitted with email notification from the registrant to UCHRA no later than noon the day before the meeting.

    b.     Walk-ins: Last minute walk-ins are permitted as space allows but may not have the opportunity to be seated or allowed to partake lunch until 90% of confirmed participants have checked-in or after 11:55 am, whichever happens first.  The same walk-in meeting registration fee applies regardless of the availability of seating or lunch.


    Registration Cancellations

    The cancellation deadline is at noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.  To cancel an existing reservation, please send a cancellation notice to

    Cancellations submitted after the event registration closes (as noted above) are ineligible for a refund (if already paid) or will be billed and due within 14 days (if unpaid).


    Approved by the Board August 22, 2014